ODESSA-KIEV. March 17. UNN. Law enforcement officers of Odessa region together with colleagues from seven regions of Ukraine exposed the criminals who kidnapped people and demanded money for their release. About it the correspondent of UNN reported in the Department of communications the Department of emergency in Odessa region.

The structure of the criminal group created on an ethnic basis, were natives of the Caucasus region, specializing at the illegal imprisonment of citizens in order to extort money for their release foreclosure in especially large sizes.

In particular, police found the kidnapping in November of 2017 and resident of Odessa. For his release the attackers demanded from relatives of 200 thousand U.S. dollars.

In result of the taken measures militiamen established six direct perpetrators of the crime. Also identify the persons who contributed to the attackers in carrying out their intentions.

As a result of the searches, found and seized evidence in the case, vehicles and Arsenal of weapons. Among the seized several guns, machine gun, shotgun, machine gun. In addition, the seized grenades, one of which is homemade, cartridges of various caliber, and bayonet knives and handcuffs.

“The Prosecutor’s office of Odessa region six criminals declared suspicion in Commission of criminal offenses under part 1 article 146 (Illegal imprisonment or kidnapping), part 4 St. 189 (extortion) of the Criminal code of Ukraine”, — stated in the message.

With respect to the four detainees court of Odessa chose a measure of restraint in form of detention without the right of bail for a period of 60 days. The location of two more intruders installed. Pre-judicial investigation proceeds.

We will remind, the Deputy of the Odessa region, set fire to the car, opened the proceedings.