In the Odessa region activists blocked court: demanding the dismissal of judges

Sergey Paliy allegedly regularly justifies illegal drunk drivers, staged an accident


The activists of the NGO “Ukraine is we” blocked the work of the district court Shiryaevo Odessa region. About it reports a press-the centre of judicial authority on its page on the social network Facebook.

“16:30: the High Council of justice received a report of the Chairman of the Shiryaevo district court of Odessa region of the pallium of the seizure of the court building. Data is entered into the Register of judges to intervene in the work of judges administering justice, were inspected. As of 15 hours. 48 minutes and 21 July 2017 to the court notice of the peaceful protest was received. Activists of the NGO “Ukraine is we” under the leadership Holodoc blocked the work of the court. The court was not considered. As at 14 h. 45 min. to the court brought a rubber tyre to the door of the judge and to the front door”, – noted in press service.

As explained by the leader of the activists, Vitaly Holodoc, people have claim to the judge Sergey Paliy, who, in their opinion, makes illegal decisions. In particular, the judge regularly justify drunk drivers who caused the accident. Activists demand that the judge resigned, and he closed in his office, reports of the Duma.

The police meanwhile said that the situation is under control of law enforcement. On site works investigative team of the police.

“Today, in building Shiryaevo district court came from the local residents, dissatisfied with the work of one of the employees of Themis. The judge refused to communicate with citizens and closed in his office. Information about embossed in the courthouse Windows and doors is not true. Currently, one window filled with greenery”,- told the police.

Now in addition to workers Shiryaevskaya Department of police, order and security near the administrative building of the court and provide a battalion of special police.