In the Odessa region a child died of swine fluPhoto:

Just this week with flu and SARS ill 200 305 people

29.03.18 620000

In the Odessa region year-old child died from swine flu – A (H1N1).

This is stated in the newsletter “Influenza and SARS in Ukraine” at the end of the 12th week (March 19-25 2018).

“According to sentinel surveillance by 38.8% decrease in the number of patients, the clinical condition of the subject to the case definition of severe acute respiratory infections. Most of these cases in the reporting week – adults infected with the influenza virus type”, – the document says.

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Just this week with flu and SARS ill 200 305 people. Of these, 64.1% of children under the age of 17.

“In Ukraine, the epidemic threshold is not exceeded, however, in some areas, such as Zhytomyr, Chernivtsi and Zakarpattya, the observed excess of the weekly epidemic threshold of 4.7%, 8.0% and 1,1% respectively, which demonstrates the regional geographic distribution and moderate intensity activity of influenza and SARS,” States the Bulletin.

We will remind, earlier in Center of influenza and SARS in the Ministry of health stated that the epidemic threshold for influenza and SARS exceeded in three regions of Ukraine.