At the U.S. Embassy recalled that the Hummer cars have repeatedly transferred to Ukraine.
In Ukraine, has shipped a new batch of American “Hummer” / Facebook Embassy of Ukraine in the USA

Today in the port of Odessa was unloaded 35 Hummer military vehicles from U.S., which are designed for the needs of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

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As they say in the message on the page of the Embassy of Ukraine in USA in Facebook, 20 units of armored vehicles and 15 medical vehicles supplied under contracts concluded on the basis of Ukraine allocated funds in the budget appropriations of the Pentagon.

The Embassy recalled that the Hummer cars have repeatedly transferred to Ukraine by the American side and has proven its reliability at the forefront in the area of operations of the joint forces.

“It should be noted that the budget assistance to Ukraine in the line of the Pentagon is increasing every financial year and by the end of 2019, we should expect significant new supplies of American technology for the Mat – equipment of artillery reconnaissance, communications, electronic warfare, night vision devices, medical equipment and the new party mobile multifunctional equipment, and lethal weapons of a defensive character”, – said the diplomat.

The Embassy of Ukraine thanked the U.S. partners for the consistent support and practical help that save lives of Ukrainian soldiers on the front line and enhances the military capabilities of Ukraine.