In the Odessa jail inmate died again

Power this case has not yet commented


In the chamber of the Odessa detention facility was found dead one of the prisoners.

It is reported by the chaplain Dmitry mongers on his page in Facebook.

However, he urges not to believe the information about the death from a blood clot. “In the Odessa SIZO dead. Arthur, 42 years. They say that the clot. But you do not believe,” said mongers.

In the southern regional departments of the SPSU, the Prosecutor’s office and this case the police have not yet commented.

Earlier it was reported that on 19 October in the Odessa prison, the woman who left before the life of his baby, killed himself. Even earlier, on 4 October, in one of the chambers of the Odessa detention center found the body of 33-year-old prisoner.

We will remind, the Odessa detention center has been frequently mentioned in the media because of the brutal event on 17 August 2017, when its territory, the attacker killed and dismembered the employee of the insulator.