Photos In the Odessa area burned national Park (updated)

Possible arson


In the Odessa area burned lower Dniester national nature Park. This was announced by Director of the natural Park “Tuzlovsky limans” Ivan Rusev in Facebook.

“At 18:10 there was a simultaneous ignition in 8 points reeds in the protected area of the lower Dniester national Park. Heading in the direction of Odessa, I’m a highway Odessa-Reni noticed the fire first in the area of the North shore of the Dniester estuary. You can get there only by boat. After passing through the two border post, I noticed two fire national Park in the area of the town biliaivka”, – he wrote.

Rusev said that at this time in the protected wetlands of the Dniester river is still full of life and many migratory birds. Fire in wetlands – the scourge of living creatures, and in remote areas from the road to extinguish it is almost impossible. The ecologist believes that the fire is arson.

“Fire in the Meadowlands is a disaster for the living beings and in areas remote from roads areas, to extinguish it, almost nothing Only hope the rain soon may put out the fire,” he said.

The fire in the lower Dniester national Park stopped after the last night rain. Rusev about it reported on air of 112 Ukraine.

“The fire started yesterday at about 18 o’clock to 23 o’clock it covered somewhere 150-200 ha. It was in the Central part of the lower Dniester national Park, its protected part. There can be reached only by boats. In 23 hours it started to rain and by 3 a.m. the fire was extinguished, no casualties,” said Rusev.

Rusev said that did not cause the rescuers, because the fires are in a remote place. In the Park neither boats nor other means of fire is not.

Recall that the lower Dniester national nature Park is located on the territory of Belgorod-Dnestrovskogo, biliaivka and Ovidiopol districts of the Odessa region. The Park was established in 2008. Its area is 21 hectares. 311,1