Egyptian trainer got a back injury, hands and feet.
In Lugansk show with taming the lions nearly ended in a bloody tragedy / Illustration, lion in Kyiv zoo – photo UNIAN occupied Lugansk during circus performance lion attacked the Egyptian trainer Hamad Kuta.

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It is reported by Informator, referring to the militants-controlled media.

It is noted that the incident occurred on the day of the premiere performance. The trainer claims that he was a no-brainer — every job has its difficulties. He told me that Leo was the stress of changing environment, so the animal behaved aggressively.

“Here I brought 10 animals. They should act simultaneously. But they are not adapted, because we arrived and immediately began to work, they had stress, so the attack occurred. Actually, definitely when we come to another town before the performance we give the animals three days. The lions need to calm down, to get used to the smell in rehearsal to explore the arena, and then the work begins. This time we went immediately to the arena and immediately work. So what happened,” — said Hamad Kuta.

Egyptain received injuries to the back, arms and legs. His body had traces of two claws and one canine. In hand – three canines, with a depth of four centimetres, and on the back three scratches from the claws.

The incident occurred in front of children, but the artist continued performance.

“When there are attacks on trainers, 99% of it is the fault of the trainer. For example, this attack was my fault because I missed the moment”, — concluded the circus.

In October last year it was reported that in the Kuban region in the circus lioness attacked 4-year-old girl