Wheat was involved in organizational activities and public relations of the leader “DNR” Pushilin.
Vulgar photo of the suicide of Wheat leaked / photos

The hacktivists from team Ukrainian cyberland managed to gain access to the correspondence and documents of the so-called “deputies of the people’s Council DNR.

Ukrainian cyberalien gave some data to the volunteers of the international intelligence community InformNapalm.

So, posted recordings of conversations, e-mails and documents one of the “deputies of national Council “DND”, which takes office November 4, 2014. We are talking about with Natalie.

“Separately, you can read the trip report of Natalia Wheat and the participants held other trips to the legislature of the Russian Federation in October-December 2017”, – stated in the message.

Hacktivists also interested in audio recordings of the conversations of Wheat. By the way, with relatives, she very often speaks surzhik, negative comments about the internal processes in the Republic, makes fun and is very ambiguously reacts to death of militant leaders. In addition, it reveals “secrets” about the use of MLRS “Grad” from the residential buildings, where civilians in Donetsk is almost a human shield for the Russian army.

On the eve of elections Natalia Wheat was engaged in organizational activities and public relations of the leader “DNR” Denis Pushilin.

The hacktivists also found that the lion’s share of time Wheat is a search porn.

However, the Ukrainian hacktivist Sean Townsend has published in Facebook screenshots, made with Wheat computer (18+):