Photos In the Lviv region the monastery threw “Molotov cocktails”

For medical assistance to 20 people


In Bryukhovychi near Lviv, an unknown person threw to the monastery five bottles with an incendiary mix. The fire damaged the facade of the house, twenty of the inhabitants of the monastery sought medical help. About it reports a press-service of the regional police.

“In the Shevchenko police Department July 14 at 00.19, it was reported that in the village of Briukhovychi on the territory of the monastery is unknown threw firebombs, causing a fire occurred”, – stated in the message.

Pre-installed, from behind the fence on the territory of the monastery, which is home to thirty people, was thrown five Molotov cocktails, four of which caught fire. One bottle with the mixture is not crashed.

In medical institutions with complaints of feeling unwell turned twenty residents of the monastery. After rendering of medical aid to one of them was hospitalized. The fire damaged the front of the house and two Windows on the first and second floors.