KIEV. March 28. UNN. A married couple of pensioners, who lived in the Kiev region, was tortured and killed because of 3.5 thousand dollars a family of their neighbor. This was during the briefing said the Prosecutor of Kiev region Dmitry Chibisov and head of the regional police Dmitry price, reported the press service of the Prosecutor of Kiev region, reports UNN.

“The motive for the murder was that the victim woman leased the apartment and always had money. So, the grandmother of one of the suspects said that her neighbors are wealthy retirees, but her grandchildren are forced to work for wages in Poland” – has revealed details of a double murder, the Prosecutor of the Kiev region.

In turn, D. Tsenov said that law enforcement officers by reviewing video from surveillance cameras, installed two people involved in the murder of the elderly couple.

D. Chibisov noted that reckless homicide involved a married couple – a 47-year-old woman and 52-year-old man. Learning information from my grandmother that victims have the means, the attackers flew from Poland and came to Rob the latter. After the torture and murder of pensioners, the attackers took off with 3.5 thousand dollars. Her husband took $ 2,000 and returned to Poland, and his wife paid for debts of $ 1,000, and the rest he kept for himself.

Currently, under the procedural management of Prosecutor’s office of Kiev region detained the woman it is reported about suspicion in Commission of the criminal offence under paragraph 1,6,12 part 2 of article 115 (premeditated murder of two persons from mercenary motives, committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons) criminal code of Ukraine and a preventive measure in the form of detention for a period of 60 days.

Another attacker in absentia is reported about suspicion and directed the petition drive and election of a measure of restraint in form of detention, as well as by the international legal order in Poland to extradite the suspect.

As reported by UNN, in one of the private houses in the village. Irpen found the bodies of 81-year-old pensioner and 79-year-old his wife with signs of violent death.