Roommates under the guise of volunteers take Pets for resale.
The hunters were taken from their owners of purebred dogs and cats to overexposure / Netpolice Kiev region activists together with police officers detained a couple of hunters, who tortured over 50 animals.

About it reports a press-service of the police of Kiev region.

“Thanks to the caring position of animal rights activists and activists, the police found pseudopotential, which was taken up in its “good hands” from their owners of purebred dogs and cats to overexposure, but with cruelty they were tortured and killed,” – said in a statement to the police.

It is established that cohabitants under the guise of volunteers take Pets for resale.

Read takekoshi and kittens were beaten with sticks and cut with shovels in Kharkov, attacked a mini-shelter for animals (photo)

Malefactors were detained and handed over to the police, the activists when they were transported in his car already dead animals. The event took place in the village Sezenkiv baryshevsky district. Now the police has initiated the relevant expertise. Dead cats and dogs will give a vet to determine the cause of death.

On this fact investigators opened criminal proceedings under part 3 of article 299 (cruel animal abuse) of the Criminal code of Ukraine, a couple of roommates threatens till 8 years of imprisonment. Pre-judicial investigation proceeds.

It should be noted that about a pair of hunters first became known from the message of the activist Yulia Petrenko on the information portal “My Kyiv” in Facebook. According to her, pseudovelocity Vadim Lobko together with Jana Maiboroda take purebred animals and left them for breeding. Victims of the Scam dozens of people. From a shelter, who was holding his knackers, activists have taken about 50 corpses of animals.