Videos In the Internet appeared the video grandiose party with participation of the owner of “Myronivsky Hliboproduct” Yuri KosyukYuri Kosyuk / Photo: Dmitry stojkov, Focus

According to activists, one champagne had spent 60 thousand euros

05.03.18 511000

Yesterday in group “Єvromaydan” in the network Facebook was published a video in which the owner of “Myronivsky Hliboproduct” Yuri Kosyuk (No. 6 in the ranking of Focus “100 richest people of Ukraine”, state $738 million) participates in a luxury party resort of Courchevel.

“One of the most expensive ski resorts in the world – Courchevel 1850 restaurant La Mangeori the entire audience sings the anthem of Ukraine together with simple poultry worker Yury Kosyuk, and drinks that all of his order on the Dom Peregnon at 1,200 euros per bottle (about 50 bottles),” wrote the accompaniment to the video.

In the agricultural holding “MHP” is in exclusive comments UNN confirmed the presence of Yuriy Kosyuk in the video, but deny that the party has paid the businessman.

“Really, Yuri Kosyuk was at a ski resort in France as an invited guest at the birthday party of another person – colleague and friend. Mr Kosyuk does not in any way paid for this event because it was a personal celebration of another person”, – noted in the company .

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Recall that in 2017 Yuri Kosyuk was the main recipient allocated by the state to support farmers with subsidies. As reported by “LigaBusinessInform”, only for the I THIRD quarter of last year holding Kosyuk received more than 1.2 billion UAH of subsidies.