In the German army created a unit to combat hackers

For the first nine weeks 2017 the objects of the army of Germany, there were about 284 thousand of cyber attacks


The German army created a unit designed to repel hacker attacks and to protect military secrets and programs that control the weapons. The new structure began on April 1. About it reports Russian service of the BBC.

According to the Ministry of defence of Germany, in the first nine weeks 2017 on the objects of the German army, there were about 284 thousand cyberattacks. Despite the fact that the attack was professional, infrastructure, the military suffered.

Cyber command is a separate organization in the structure of the German armed forces along with the army, air force, Navy, medical division and support service.

The number of new units will first be 260 people. By July the number of employees of the command will increase to 13,5 thousand people. The unit will be based in Bonn.

Ministry of defence recruits professionals in the IT industry. The Agency launched an active campaign in which the Bundeswehr is positioned as a modern and promising place to work specialists in the field of cybersecurity.

We will remind, in November of 2016, Chancellor Angela Merkel said that cyber attacks from Russia have become “part of everyday life.” Shortly before that, as a result of hackers around 900 thousand customers of the mobile operator Deutsche Telekom remained without communication.

“Such a cyber attack or a hybrid attack, as they are known in Russian doctrine are part of our daily life and we must learn to cope with them”, – said Merkel.

The head of the Federal intelligence service of Germany Bruno KAHL stated that the Russian hackers can make cyber attacks during the elections in Germany. German politicians also fear that hackers can organize a campaign of disinformation and to disrupt the elections.