Everyone lives with some of her expectations. Waiting football fan is waiting for the joy of football victories of their favorite team.

Watching the successes and disappointments of your favorite team, we oversee the whole football life of the country. It is clear that giving the heart and soul of your favorite team the true fan wants to bring in its success at least a fraction of themselves.

And it’s okay if exercise is sports adhering to the principles of the canons of morality and honor. It always happens this way?

It is clear that in anticipation of the approaching Clasico, when the two teams will again meet on the field in the championship of Ukraine, FC Shakhtar happens traditional superstatguy. It is clear that today it is so under the microscope is seen every episode of lost super Cup match. Each episode, which is in the positive for Shakhtar result of, or in any other ordinary game and jigger shouldn’t.

The motto of the owner of a London penthouse always has been and probably long will be, “All on the altar of victory”. That is all, not disdaining infamy, meanness, destandartization, cynical distortion of the obvious facts. All of the above is reflected in the interactive noise accompanying the participation in the football life of our country Donbass Grand.

Part of this noise is the assessment of the various episodes of the game promopersonal experts, commentators. The freshness of novelty in such analyses is not expected, day after day, month after month, year after year, proven the same thing: the whitening of their sins and attempt to discredit all actions of the opponent.

Polemarchi the last super bowl was no exception. Try to check? To assist in our own analysis will use the roller:

Episode Fernando – Burda (time in video 4:27 – 4:40). You should be objective. Is it possible to deny that in this episode slops rules have been violated? No, don’t, because the violation is obvious. The nature of the violation raised leg while trying to get the ball, which subsequently ran forward.

But if we consider the episode as it prefer the “miner” frame by frame, IN the SAME EPISODE is likewise worthy of evaluation raising the height of the feet of Fernando. On the video (when viewing it frame by frame 4:38) we see that the right leg of Fernando covers the head of the Burda. That is, BOTH players in the fight for the ball illegal raised his leg, because the ball that was a struggle – he was at a considerable height.

The only difference is that Fernando has collided with the leg of the Dynamo, and Boudreau dodged the feet of a player of Shakhtar. But technically the rules were broken BOTH. It was evident that Burda and ahead of him in the fight for the ball, Fernando – BOTH played ball. Burda episode of lost, for which he received a yellow card. The fact of the obvious fight for the ball, and not the intent of injury (as it is trying to qualify the representative of “Shakhtar”) does not give grounds for more severe punishment.

Episode Garmash – Marlos (time on the video 4:40 – 5:00). What happened in the episode with Garmash? Morozov it is paid with Stolarchuk saw a deliberate push Garmash Marlos. And hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian fans saw and appreciated the episode as appreciated it Trukhanov. Obviously, Garmash ran towards his own goal to intercept the ball, and Marlos blocked his advancement, but feeling the contact deliberately fell pretending to push.

The movement of the hands Garmash, estimated as the push is natural when confronted in anticipation of a fall, because in anticipation of the collision speed with the obstacle, any person NATURALLY puts his hands forward. If Garmash just wanted to fill up Marlos he would after the shock stayed on his feet. And, in fact, he fell from malozowski lock. And there is no reason to evaluate the time otherwise. Any other assessment is from the evil one.

The episode with the Burda – ismaily. It’s clear that the theme of this episode propertyh actively being discussed in the media, in order to give the soil the FTC for leniency ismaily and return it in the build up to the match with Dynamo. In addition, an emphasis on the innocence ismaily for dismantling. Fans talk about a frame-by-frame analysis of the episode. But it frame by frame episode confirms that the fall Burda happened after blow (it blow, not push) in the neck. In this case, one is important for the understanding and evaluation of the incident detail: suffice it to recall how reacted to his removal ismaily. He left the field without any protests (took the punishment and left the field with a sense of duty), football aware of the wrongfulness of his act.

Now about the video”evidence” provided for appeals in FFU. By analogy, for understanding, remember how during the pre-match greetings it was clear that at least three of the Dynamo players didn’t shake hands with Morais. I wanted to see this again the next day when re-broadcasting the match channel “Football 2”. But a repeat viewing this time was already cut. Who then may have doubts about what kind of cuts (with the possibility of cutting personnel) will give the CDC party the applicant?

It should be assumed that the video replay is useful if it shows a violation, it is absolutely not acceptable as proof of non-infringement. That is triggered allowing the dishonesty principle: is the frame – there is a violation, no frame, no foul.

A few words about the judging of our business mournful. One thing is quite clear that the current exponential flogging Trukhanov, ahead of the upcoming Clasico, not that other, as indicative of reminder-warning Mozharovsky, Abdulm and other arbitrators on what (or rather whose) rules to officiate the matches involving Shakhtar. Spanking so as not to forget whose socks, in joyous ecstasy, they have to smell.

In fact, there is a forced inclusion of the judiciary to náprstek football rules. No matter how stupid and primitive were not the algorithm currently used by the FFU náprstek methods favored the achievement of supervised corrupt Federation commands of his Majesty, but this algorithm was objectively there and in all likelihood will continue to be used vlastpriderzhaschim as long as it is effective. And today náprstek algorithm, alas, the result-producing.

In anticipation of the upcoming Clasico, knowing that hope for the viewing of sporting competitions do not happen, – you should be prepared to receive pleasure from the contemplation of how after such pumping Trukhanov for the upcoming match, “Shakhtar” – “Dinamo” will be the next chosen one to slaughter colonography referee…

Mindful of the pressure Trukhanov ruling náprstek community, it is difficult to guess what team he’ll put on the whistle. Is it difficult to guess how he will do at the slightest contact of the opponents in the penalty area of “Dinamo”? But for some reason I strongly believe in the words of the President of “Dynamo”: “This will not always be”…