Member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Oleg Morozov in conversation with RT commented on the decision of the United States to allocate $5 million to support the organization “White helmets” in Syria.

  • © Sameer Al-Doumy
  • AFP

“The United States simply pay your program, the essence of which is to accuse Bashar Assad of all crimes and sins, and Russia, respectively, to make the accomplice of his alleged criminal actions. White helmets doing just that — staging a provocation with the sole purpose of playing on the idea of the Americans that the conflict in Syria to blame only the Assad regime,” — said the Senator.

He also noted that the U.S. currently “make a choice in favor of the continuation of the line of lies, provocations and attempts to blame Assad and Russia of all mortal sins and all the negative that is happening in Syria.”

“The United States say there are good terrorists who should be supported, because they are against Bashar al-Assad. Washington needs to justify all this five years of lies, they have nowhere to go. “White helmets” — a familiar and time-tested tool that fails. Although, of course, sometimes their performances are so badly choreographed that all the flaws are visible even to the naked eye. But Americans absolutely do not care,” concluded Morozov.

Earlier, the state Department announced that the United States will allocate $5 million to support the organization “White helmets” in Syria, as well as the support Mechanism for the investigation of crimes in the SAR.