In the Dnipro and Kharkiv region have limited traffic because of the snow

To allow snowplows


In connection with deterioration of weather conditions in the city centre introduced a temporary restriction on the movement of freight vehicles. About it on April 19 reported in the management of road traffic safety of the Department of preventive activities of the National police.

From 7:00 a.m. temporarily restricted the entry of trucks into the Dnipro to ensure proper operation of snowplows.

In addition, on the territory of Kharkiv region periodically follows the movement of vehicles on sections of descents, ascents to overcome the consequences of disaster.

Given the weather conditions, the national police advises the heads of the auto as possible to refrain from trips on own car and to use public transport.

Drivers of heavy vehicles warn that a temporary restriction on entry of trucks will operate at the time of execution of works on liquidation of consequences of bad weather.

According to police, on the territory of Kherson, Poltava and Zaporizhia regions the road surface in some places snow-covered.

In turn, the State emergency service once again warns of worsening weather conditions on the territory of Ukraine.

In connection with the invasion of the Arctic air April 19-22, cold weather is expected: at night frosts in the air 0-5 °, on the soil surface 3-8 °, daytime temperatures 2-9 ° Celsius.

In southern, Eastern and most Central areas of rain, wet snow, sometimes heavy rainfall, wind gusts of 15-22 m/s.