Such information was announced on March 9, held in the Dutch capital, the Hague, the first court session on the case of MH17.

As mentioned, at the disposal of the international investigation team was recording the phone conversation, one of the participants was an officer of the Russian GRU Oleg Ivannikov. During the conversation reference was made anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”. But, as it turned out, “Buk”, which was discussed, did not get to Ukraine because of a technical fault.

It turns out that the Russians intended to ship in the Donbass, two “buck,” and we can only guess how you intend to use the one that has failed to deliver.

Record of telephone conversation Ivannikova got SBU and helped to identify the officer of the Russian GRU Agency international investigative Bellingcat and The Insider.

As they say in the media, specialization Ivannikova GRU – work in conflict zones outside of Russia.

In particular, he spent several years in South Ossetia. In 2014, the officer seconded to the East of Ukraine. There he was, as also reported in the media, directed the actions of fighters of the private military campaign “Wagner”.

Ivannikov has received instructions from the Russian General Tkachev, who is also one of the defendants in the case of MH17.

Previously Bellingcat published a new video, linking Russia to the crash of the Malaysian “Boeing”. In particular, the video showed the man stated that the footage was filmed in the occupied Makiivka. And the video was filmed at the very day when he was shot down flight MI7.

In addition, social networks have been laid out the route that moved “Buk”.

Transporting it was involved in the division 147th ABMHO (motor battalion of material security), the General staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation – in/h 83466. This can be seen on the waybill, which has also hit the Internet.