In the coming years, France and China will undertake a joint lunar mission

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KIEV. March 26. UNN. The French equipment will be used during the lunar mission, the Chinese national space administration (CNSA), scheduled for 2023-2024 years. The agreement was signed between the CNSA and the French centre for space studies (CNES) in the framework of the visit of President XI Jinping to France, reports UNN.

“China is using French scientific instruments on Board the mission “Chang’e-6″ in 2023-2024,” — the press-service of the CNES.

“It demonstrates the excellence of our technical and scientific cooperation and trust that exists between us for the development of ambitious space projects”, — said the President of CNES Jean-Yves Le gall. He expressed gratitude to the President of France Emmanuel macron over the fact that he fostered a Franco-Chinese cooperation in the space industry, visiting in January 2018 space center in China.

This project is part of the larger cooperation agreements, signed at the Elysee Palace on Monday in the presence of a Macron and XI Jinping. “After the announcement in October about the launch of the first Franco-Chinese satellite ocean observing, we signed today a partnership agreement in the field of astrophysics, climate observation and space exploration,” said the French President during a press conference following the meeting with the leader of China.

As specified in CNES, the parties plan to start planning a new mission, designed to monitor oceans and soil moisture. Along with this they are continue to preparing to launch a Space climate Observatory (Space Climate Observatory, SCO)

As reported by UNN, in the Russian S7 Space confirmed plans to cancel the contract about Ukrainian missiles.