In one of the departments of Kharkiv city Council searches are carried out with participation of employees of the Prosecutor’s office, SBU and the National police. This was announced by the speaker of the Prosecutor General Andrei Lysenko on Facebook.

According to him, searches conducted within investigation under part 3 of article 191 of the criminal code (assignment, waste of property or taking to them by abuse of official position committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons).

Lysenko said that there are about 20 searches in offices of employees of the Department, and the residence of potential defendants in the proceedings.

The purpose of these investigations – a search for documents and other data associated with the reconstruction of sports facilities in Kharkiv.

The speaker of the Prosecutor General stressed that all investigations authorized by the district courts of Kharkov.


Earlier it was reported that in the office of the military and civil administration of one of cities of Donetsk region after receiving a bribe detained the Deputy head of the CAA.

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