Activists said that the purpose was “to cure gaming addiction”.
After the end of the flash mob, the participants chanted: “Glory to Ukraine!” photos from the public istochnikov the center of Odessa, social activists staged a “Healer”, smeared faeces inventory in the three gambling establishments.

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As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, the evening of 30 December, several dozen representatives of several community organizations came to the street cable car, located where the gaming establishment. With them they had a container of substance that had a very sharp odor.

Well-known activist Todor panovsky, wearing a cloak and gloves, accompanied by his companions entered the game rooms and daubed the substance monitors, keyboards, chairs, the contents of the bars (in particular, bottles of drinks), etc.

The participants all stated that they conduct pre-campaign “Healer”, which aims to “to cure gaming addiction”, and in the bucket they supposedly “therapeutic mud from the estuary “Kuyalnik”, bought on the market “Privoz”.

Staff rooms began to be indignant, but then retreated to avoid being smeared, and the visitors quickly left.

On the scene arrived police and representatives of security agencies, but in what is happening, they did not intervene.

Many of the people in institutions (including themselves activists), was a gag reflex as the smell was very sharp and to stay in the premises was impossible. The activists said: “People play”, “dependent Treat”, “happy New year”, “It’s healing dirt”, etc.

After the end of the flash mob, the participants chanted: “Glory to Ukraine!”.

As explained by the activists of the correspondent of the UNIAN in the tank was human feces.

In law enforcement the incident has not yet commented.