According to the organizers, the flag will be raised near Odessa city hall, while captive seamen not to return to Ukraine.
Illustration of REUTERS

In the center of Odessa near the building of city hall raised the flag of naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine in support of Ukrainian seamen, captured by Russia in the Kerch Strait.

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As UNIAN correspondent, the action “Raise the flag of the Ukrainian Navy in support of prisoners of war” held at Dumskaya square, held on the initiative of volunteers.

Among its participants – students, soldiers, representatives of the Navy command and the clergy, relatives of the captured sailors.

Navy’s flag on a flagpole raised the cadets of naval educational institutions.

The event was also attended by a military band.

As noted by one of the organizers of the famous volunteer Elena Sivak, the goal is to support Ukrainian seafarers and to attract the attention of other countries in violation of international law. According to her, the flag will be raised near Odessa city hall, while captive seamen not to return to Ukraine.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on the morning of November 25, Russia blocked the passage in the Kerch Strait the Ukrainian tugboat ”Yana Kapu” two boats ”Berdyansk” and ”Nikopol”, which carried out a planned transition from the port of Odessa to the port of Mariupol. The Navy noted that the intention to migrate in advance was informed by the Russian side in accordance with international standards to ensure the safety of navigation. The Russian boundary ship ”don” rammed Ukrainian RAID tug, with the result that it was damaged. In addition, at the exit from the Kerch Strait, the Russian ships opened fire on defeat on the Ukrainian ships, which were returning to Odessa, and have not received information about the possibility of crossing the Strait.

The invaders captured Ukrainian soldiers 24. Three of them were injured. They were accused of illegal crossing of border of the Russian Federation (part 3 article 322 of the Russian criminal code, the punishment of deprivation of liberty for a term up to six years). All captured Ukrainians had been arrested the so-called ”court” in the Crimea, then moved to Moscow detention centers ”Lefortovo” and ”sailor’s silence”.