Information confirmed in a press-service gschs.
In Kharkov burned the sawmill / photo November 16, in Kharkiv there was a fire in the alley frolovskoe, 3/1.

About this Vgorode reported by eyewitnesses. According to them, in the morning near Novoivanovskoye bridge lit warehouses.

“As I was passing by car. Burns badly and belching black smoke,” said motorist Sergey.

Information have confirmed and in a press-service gschs. Rescuers said that the fire was contained at 7:56. Now, the PE check and dismantle the wooden elements.

See also Kharkiv region in the result of a fire at the company 1 person killed, 6 injured (video)

Burned outbuildings, timber and lumber and their waste on an area of about 500 sq. m.