Architects in different countries compete with each other in search of unusual forms, with extensive use of local color. It is logical that the artist Dan Phillips, resident of the town of Huntsville, Texas appeared closer cowboy theme.

Together with the Phoenix Commotion, a small construction company specializing in the construction of affordable homes, using recycled materials, Phillips with the help of the interns, he built a house in the shape of a cowboy boot. To create such an unusual home was inspired by an old tale for children about an old lady who lived in a boot.

At first glance, the boots as a residential building does not look very functional, but in this case, all fears were groundless. The house has an area of 65 square meters has a living room, two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. If you climb the spiral staircase to the roof, you will be on the terrace. To ensure reliability and the comfort of home the boot can be anyone able to pay $ 1,200 per month.

Dan Phillips is full of creative plans and intends to continue to develop cowboy theme, but as at home in a cowboy hat.
Source — HAR