In Ternopil two students girls sold into sexual slavery in Turkey and the UAE

Candidates for dangerous work, the attackers were looking for in social networks

16.02.18 123700

In Ternopil two students from the local University sent the girls into sexual slavery in Turkey and the UAE. About it reports a press-service of regional national police.

Candidates the attackers and searched the social networks. Girls for work abroad, promised of 3 to 6 thousand dollars a month. The main requirement was an attractive appearance and the age of 25.

About the job began to speak only after they learned that the candidates are in difficult financial conditions – have on the education of children, sick parents and other financial problems. Only after that the employers explained the essence of the work. A mandatory requirement was the direction of photos and copies of passport.

“During inspections it turned out that the Duo was engaged in trafficking. Illegal business in the regional center have arranged two friends – twenty male and twenty one year woman. Both students of one of the local universities,” police said.

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When girls agree to all the terms, employers have started to prepare documents on the road. They took care of all financial expenses related to issuance of passports, visas, purchase of tickets. The money they returned to foreign customers.

Where exactly was supposed to go girls, defined themselves “buyers” live goods. In the UAE, and Turkey, sent photos, then customers have reported, anyone who needs. For a girl who is approached for departure to Turkey, the employer received 500 to 1 thousand dollars, and for Dubai – 1 to 2 thousand dollars.

The police asked the two girl who initially agreed to the proposal, but then changed his mind. Criminals were detained in the airport “Kiev”.

According to law enforcement, victims of criminals have become the five girls.