In Switzerland, desperate madmen compete in jumping from a cliff

13.08.2018 21:10

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In the Swiss town of Sisikon on the Lucerne lake hosted another round of the Red Bull high diving – diving from the rocks. With a huge crowd of spectators, the athletes were discharged in the air, dizzying pirouettes, jumping from the springboard, located almost 30 metres above the water.

Preparing to jump, the Italian diver, Alessandra de Rossi. At the bottom of the boat numerous spectators, who are eager not to miss a single movement of athletes.

A diver from the USA Andy Jones jumps over the hushed crowd.

Judges of the competition are on separate boats, having the opportunity to observe Zha jumping to the most convenient angle.

Ramps attached to the cliff, the top is about 30 meters altitude. Photo – jump Czech athlete Michal navrátil was.

Jonathan Paredes from Mexico took second place in the men’s competition.