Energy for long cut off the electricity supply tower.
Consumers do not receive television and radio signal for the second day / photo via Jonas Sveningsson

In the town of bilopillia, Sumy oblast energy disconnected the electricity supply to the transmitters installed on the local TV tower, resulting in almost a third of the border with Russia in the region were left without essential coverage of Ukrainian television and radio signals.

As reported by UNIAN correspondent, the representative of the national Council on radio and television in Sumy region Larisa Yakubenko, consumers do not receive television and radio signal for the second day, as energy turned off the power supply of the TV tower at 14.13 on Wednesday, March 20.

“Haven’t managed to solve the problem in Shostka, as energy announced Sumy branch of RRT Concern about the termination of electricity supply to the transmitters installed on the tower in bilopillia. The duty of the Group to the company “Sumyoblenergo” is 400 thousand UAH”, – said Yakubenko.

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According to her, Belopolsky tower has a powerful analogue transmitters region: channels “UA:the First” and “1+1” is carried out analogue broadcasting using transmitters with a power of 25 KW. Also, the tower has transmitters for digital broadcasting 32 channels transmitter and receiver.

Thus, after a power outage, without terrestrial TV and radio broadcasting remained residents of all surrounding areas: Putivl, Buryn, Nedryhaylivskoho, Lebedyn, Sumy and belopolye.

“Disabling transmission devices left residents of all surrounding areas without television. The silence in the air. I got the phone today, “red”, called many residents of Belopolsky and other areas,” said Yakubenko.

Now the Concern of broadcasting, radio communication and television (KRRT) tries to solve the problem. Last week managed to solve this situation without a power outage on the tower in Shostka, though, the debt was halved.