Photo: Radio Liberty

The building of the General Consulate of Ukraine in Saint Petersburg (Russia) on the evening of 21 February was held for the fourth anniversary of the events on the Maidan. About it reports Radio Freedom.

According to the report, the commemorative events timed to the fourth anniversary of the revolution of dignity and the death of the Heavenly hundred heroes came about ten activists.

The action was organized by the democratic St. Petersburg representative of the Solidarity movement Olga Smirnova. She reported that the activists handed over to the Consul General of Ukraine blue and yellow flowers and a card.

In the leaflet it was written that citizens who share liberal and democratic values, condemn the political leadership of Russia and President Vladimir Putin’s aggression against Ukraine.

It is noted that the police filmed the whole event on video, but the conduct did not interfere.

Photo: Radio Liberty

It is also said that during the communication of the Russians with members of the Ukrainian Consulate in protest against their actions came representatives of the so-called people’s liberation movement that also came to the Consulate with placards and flags of terrorist organizations DNR and LNR.

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