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In Spain began a 10-day mourning for the dead from coronavirus

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In the Kingdom began a 10-day national mourning for the victims of the pandemic. This is the longest duration of mourning in the history of Spanish democracy. Until June 6, the country will be flown at half-mast flags on the buildings of all public institutions, as well as on Navy ships and the missions of the Kingdom abroad.
The Royal family of Spain, members of the government, employees of various government agencies and many residents observed a minute of silence for the victims of the pandemic coronavirus. It happened at 12:00 local time (13:00 GMT), reports TASS.

“Pain and recognition throughout Spain who have been victims COVID-19. The memory of them will always be with us”, – stated in the message of the government on Twitter. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, some members of the Cabinet and members of the administration went out onto the steps of the Prime Minister’s Moncloa residence, to honor the memory of the dead. A minute of silence held across the country.

El dolor y el reconocimiento de toda España a quienes han fallecido víctimas del #COVID19.

Su recuerdo permanecerá siempre con nosotros.#MinutoDeSilencio

La Moncloa (@desdelamoncloa) May 27, 2020

Since the beginning of the spread of infection in Spain revealed more than 236 thousand cases, 27 of 117 patients died. In mid-March in the country were put on high alert, and by the end of the month, the country surpassed the level of mortality including China. At the moment the prevalence of coronavirus in Spain reduced the power of the Kingdom gradually soften restrictive measures.

“We’re talking much more than just about numbers – about men and women whose lives were cut short in the sanitary conditions of isolation. Each of the dead – life story. Eight out of 10 deceased were older than 70 years. Those who could lead Spain forward, they worked to lay the foundations of the welfare state”, – said earlier the Minister of Finance Maria Jesus Montero.