In Slavyansk the names of the militants suspected in the killings of victims found in a mass grave

We are talking about Evgeny Pushkov, Andrei Chernyshov and Oleg Obraztsova


Police of Slavyansk (Donetsk region) has declared wanted three area residents who are suspected of involvement in the killing of at least four Ministers of the local Church.

Profiles of hackers has published the national police in Donetsk region.

After the liberation of Slavyansk from terrorists in July 2014, the police found a mass grave of people. Police found the remains of 14 bodies (12 men and 2 women).

Relatives have identified four of them. They were the Ministers of the local Church who was kidnapped by militants a month earlier. Body found a month after their abduction in the public service.

“June 8, around 11-12 am in the Church, where the assembled members, stormed by armed gunmen and took away two brothers 1984 and 1990 born and two of their friends along with their cars”, – stated in the message about the events of 2014.

The attackers arrived in a car that eve “pressed” one of the faithful.

In the car of one of the kidnapped men, the kidnappers found the money in a foreign currency and under the pretext that declared them “American spies”.

The car was taken, and the prisoners were placed in a box occupied the firehouse. The brothers were tortured, and in the morning taken out of the city and shot from a machine right in the car, which caught fire.

The investigators found that the hostages were shot, three terrorists – two residents of Slavyansk and one of Makeyevka. During the occupation, they built fortifications for the insurgents, were on duty at checkpoints in the city, and was also involved in gang violence and killed people. We are talking about Evgeny Pushkov, Andrei Chernyshov and Oleg Obraztsova.

All three suspects, after the liberation of Slavyansk fled to Donetsk occupied.

Cyber criminals in absentia declared about suspicion at once under five articles of the Criminal code. They face life imprisonment.

Law enforcement officers are asked to report to the hotline of the police if someone has information about their whereabouts.