Video Russian teenagers attacked the police

The priests believe that the festival of Holi is a threat of “infiltration of demonic practices into the soul of the Russian people”


Police of the southern Urals reported on the prevention of mass riots with the participation of schoolchildren on the festival of colors in the regional capital.

The Network has a number of videos shot by the children themselves. Survey shows how nesovershennoletnie surrounded the patrol car.

“For some reason, the youths did not like the presence of police officers. A crowd of teenagers, who by that time had already managed to paint each other with paint, shouting “Garbage press!” attacked the car. Guys by a chorus of hoots and whistles were pelted with paint the police car. The most blatant perpetrators of the attack kicked the car and shouted against law enforcement officers obscene insults. Also, the crowd chanted: “AUE!”, what in prison slang means “Prisoner’s United Way”, write the Russian media.

Earlier Chelyabinsk diocese asked the Prosecutor to check the legality of the Holi festival in Chelyabinsk. The priests thought that he is a threat to “the penetration of demonic practices into the soul of the Russian people”, but prosecutors disagreed.

Organizers, in turn, rejected accusations of the Russian Orthodox Church. “The all-Russian festival of colors — a mass cultural event, whose aim is the development and support of active and healthy leisure activities for young people in all regions of the country. The festival promotes volunteerism, supports young creative teams and creates a live platform for communication. Rules, has repeatedly published on the official website of the festival, reported that the event has nothing to do with politics and religion,” they said.

The management of the Affairs of the region now establishes the identity of the Teens to conduct educational work with them and with their parents.

We will remind, the festival of colors Holi is the Hindu origin, in India it is considered a spring festival. In Chelyabinsk it is conducted for the fourth time in a row.