Over the past day Russia has set a new record for the number of deaths from the coronavirus. The total number of cases of coronavirus in Russia over the past day has increased to 362 242. Such information, according to Russian news agencies, citing the message of the headquarters for combating coronavirus.

Russian journalists noted that, as before, the largest number of cases per day was Moscow: as of Tuesday morning, the total number of infected people in the Russian capital reached 105 574 people.

For the past day in Russia died, 174 people. Russian journalists write that this is the highest rate since the epidemic began. The previous high was set on Sunday: then died 153 people.

Russia remains in second place in the number of cases of coronavirus, yielding first place to the United States.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that the Western press made accusations against the Russian authorities: the real number of dead from coronavirus may be higher than the official data.

After that the Russian Federation has declared war on fakes and sharply answered coronavirus accusations of the West.