In the way a child took his favorite books, piggy Bank money and a banana.
In Russia the small child ran away from mother and went on a world tour, leaving a note / MVD.rfv Russian Astrakhan law enforcement officers found the child, who ran away from home to go on a world tour.

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As reported on the website of Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Astrakhan region, about the missing child said his mother, 37-year-old resident. She said that in the morning drove the younger daughter in kindergarten, and, returning home, found his son there. Looking around the apartment, the woman found a note 8-the summer boy, in which he said that “went around the world”.

To search for the child was formed several search teams. After a few hours of the missing were found. The police officer noticed him driving on a bridge across the Volga. The child explained to the police officer that wanders, but feels tired and he needs rest.

“It turned out that the day before after reading the book the boy has decided to make the trip. Writing a note to parents and put in a backpack, your favorite encyclopedia, a toy, money from his piggy Bank and banana, it came out of the house. Drive part of the way on three taxis and getting to the stop on the street Anri barbyusa, then young traveler decided to go on foot,” – said the Russian police.

With the child and his mother conducted preventive conversation.

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