Video In Russia came the champion slapsPhoto: Youtube / the Uncle Seryozha

Huge Siberian nicknamed “Dumpling” destroyed all

20.03.19 10700

In the Russian Krasnoyarsk was an unusual event – the championship again. The winner was a native of Siberia, 168-pound farmer Vasily kamotski, nicknamed “Dumpling”. About it reports the Sport Express.

The tournament was held at the system shootout, and it could involve anyone.

According to the competition rules, the two men alternately beat each other on the cheek with an open hand. The player who refuses to continue the fight.

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It is noteworthy that kamotski significantly above the other participants in the dimensions, the difference in weight sometimes reaches 100 pounds.

As previously reported by the Focus:

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  • While in Argentina former contender for the title of world champion in Boxing Mario Melo died during competition eating croissants for speed.