Photos, videos In Portugal collapsed road: into the abyss fell excavator and two carsPhoto:

It confirmed the death of two people

20.11.18 222000

The collapse happened in the evening of 18 November. The road between the towns of Borba and Vila Vicosa blurred by rain. And a stretch of one hundred meters just collapsed in a disused quarry. About it writes the local edition of Renascenca.

Into the abyss a depth of 80 meters fell excavator and two cars. At the moment, rescuers confirmed the death of two people. Both victims worked for a company that manages the quarry.

Their bodies are still at the bottom of the abyss. The work of rescuers is complicated by the fact that on top of the broken machine was bombarded with mud and stones. And the preserved sections of the road is very unstable.

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It is possible that under still collapse have died. Rescuers say that there are at least five.

Photo: twitter Pedro Rodrigues

In this region, 200 kilometers from Lisbon, many years mined granite and marble. The road passes between careers, some of them abandoned and have not been operated.

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