In Poland teachers went on strike because of low wagesPhoto: Slawomir Broniarz / Polish radio

Teachers demand salary increase for more than 200 euros

18.12.18 227000

In Poland teachers took to a large-scale protest due to low wages. This was stated by Chairman of the Union of Polish teachers Slawomir Broniarz, reports “Polish radio”.

It is reported that the strike began on Tuesday, December 18. Teachers demand salary increase for 1000 zlotys (€232).

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At the moment the average salary in Poland is about 5000 PLN (1162 euros). “The disparity between teachers’ salaries and the General level of earnings in Poland, unfortunately, increases,” – said Broner.

The date for the shares is not known.

Chairman of the Union of Polish teachers said that the organization also supports those educators, who now massively went to the hospital.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine, in 2019, the salary of scientific and pedagogical workers, including teachers and higher education institutions will increase by 20%.