Cecilia died Rosak / Polish city of Krakow at the age of 110 years died Cecilia Roszak (Cecylia Roszak), which is considered the oldest nun in the world.

About it сообщает with reference to the newspaper The Independent.

Roshak was born in 1908 in the Polish village of Kelchev. She has graduated from trade school in Poznan and at the age of 21 went to the Dominican monastery in Krakow. In 1938, together with other nuns, Roshak moved to the capital of Lithuania, to open a new monastery.

When the Second world war, she was 31 years old. In occupied Vilnius Roshak and her companion hid from the Nazis about a dozen Jews, including Abu Kovner — the future head of the Vilnius ghetto underground. In 1943, the German authorities arrested her supervisor and closed the monastery.

After the war, Roszak returned to Krakow and was a long time organist and singing in the monastery. In 2009, Israel awarded her the honorary title “righteous among the Nations”, which give people of non-Jewish origin who risked their lives to save Jews during the Nazi occupation.