Alexander Kolchak – a direct descendant of the man who wore the title of Supreme ruler of Russia and an active participant in the white movement, lived 84 years.

9 Mar heart stopped grandson of Admiral Alexander Kolchak – the participant of the white movement. The grandson of the famous warlord has died on 85-m to year of life after long illness, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Died in Paris, Alexander Kolchak spent his whole life in the West. He was born in 1933, studied at the Sorbonne and was a jazz musician. Breaking family tradition, he did not make the military a career. The exact cause of death has not yet named.

His famous grandfather, Admiral Alexander Kolchak, was the head of the White movement during the Civil war.

From November 1918 until his death he carried the title of Supreme ruler of Russia and Supreme commander of the Russian army. In 1920, in Irkutsk, he was shot by sentence of the military revolutionary Committee. His wife Sophia with his son Rostislav had to flee from the red terror in Romania, and then settled in Paris.

We will remind, in Russia died the famous actor-soldier Vladimir Etush, known for her role of comrade Saahova “Caucasian captive”. He was 96 years old.