Yesterday, March 25, at about 22:20, the patrol of the 25th brigade of transport aviation of the Air Forces of Ukraine, which is stationed in Melitopol, senior soldiers Dmitry Angelus, identified and detained the man, made his way to the territory of the military unit. It is reported by the staff armed forces of Ukraine in Facebook.

According to preliminary information, the man was a resident of village Novobogdanovka of Melitopol area of the Zaporozhye region, born in 1978, who, along with the dog crossed the fence of the airfield and the field was moving in the direction of the warehouses of weapons.

“A soldier reported to duty part. Noticing the patrol, the intruder started to run away. The soldier gave the command, “Halt, shoot the” after “voluntary compliance” to stop, use the weapon (he carried out a precautionary shot up), after which the intruder stopped and was arrested. The detainee during the inspection were not in possession of identity documents, weapons and explosives were found”, – stated in the message.

The detainee was handed over to representatives of the National police.

March 24, over military unit in Kharkiv oblast patrol the Air forces of Ukraine have detected a drone.

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