According to one of the parishioners, which was not allowed in the Church, the entrance was blocked by supporters of the priest Vitaly Senik.
The Odessa Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ appeared in the center of the scandal / Duma

In the center of Odessa, a group of unidentified second day does not allow anyone, in particular, of the priests, in the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

According to UNIAN, a group of people who call themselves the congregation, closed the door to the Church, located on Pasteur street, stood before the door and did not let.

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They said they recognize the “only father Vitaly,” many were aggressive.

As explained by UNIAN the people who came to the Church service, Sunday morning they were faced with the fact that the door is locked, and before her stands a group of different posters, in particular such as “We don’t want to be part of the usurpation of ecclesiastical authority”.

According to one of the parishioners, which was not allowed in the Church, the entrance was blocked by supporters of the priest ptsu Vitaly Senik, who spoke against the Bishop of Odessa and Balta Paul (ptsu).

To the Cathedral arrived Pro-Ukrainian activists and the Secretary of the Odessa diocese of PCU Theodore Orobets. However attempts to open the door proved futile, as it turned out, supporters Senik changed the lock.

As a result of evening service, Sunday morning, was held today under the open sky.

As explained by UNIAN Chairman of the public organization “Ukraine is we” Vitaly Holodoc, the Church does not allow, in particular, Bishop Paul.

“Thanks to the correct position of father Paul, in the Odessa region parishes began to move in ptsu. What is happening today, we consider, in particular, his deliberate discrediting,” said Holodak.

He added that yesterday to the place of events was caused by investigatory-operative group and the Maritime police Department of the Odessa collective statement.

As explained by UNIAN, the representative of the Odessa regional Council, the conflict in the Cathedral takes place between the rector of the Church, Bishop Paul and the senior priest, Archpriest Sanicom.

“The eldest son Vitaly Senik – the novel – is the Deputy of regional Council from the “Opposition bloc”. He was seen in the Cathedral during the confrontation. Many believe that the conflict takes place the monetary interest of the family. In any case, the situation in the region, thus swinging”, – said the Deputy of a regional Council.

According to him, father Paul removed Senik, who refuses to obey.