updatedEyewitnesses claim that the attackers – young men of a sports Constitution.
The attackers used gas cartridges / photo UNIAN

In the center of Odessa there was a clash between supporters and opponents of the leader of the party “Civic position” Anatoly Gritsenko, which is unknown pelted with eggs.

As reported the UNIAN in Department of communications Department of National police in the Odessa region, during a meeting with inhabitants of Odessa, which was to be held in the Primorsky district of the city, unknown persons threw eggs at the leader of the political party.

As a result, between his supporters and opponents clashed.

“According to available information, during the conflict, the participants used against opponents sprays. Illegal actions were stopped by police who patrolled the streets. They separated the parties of the conflict and prevent its escalation,” – said in the Chapter.

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Now on the given fact initiated criminal proceedings under part 4 of article 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Police are interviewing witnesses and eyewitnesses of incident, and take measures for establishment of all its members.

According to supporters Gritsenko, on Wednesday was scheduled to meet in the premises of the office center “Terminal-42” on the street Richelieu. They note that the attackers were about 20-30 people. First they blocked the path of policy, and tried to hand him a gourd, which put faloimmitator. On the pumpkin was an offensive inscription, made with the use of profanity. Gritsenko pushed “gift”, after which he threw eggs.

“And “aunts” attacked activists who accompanied Gritsenko. The police one of the attackers are not arrested. There are victims, call an ambulance. Victims and the witness communicate with the police. Ahead of the attackers was a few anti-social elements for cover, the insurgents themselves were wearing masks,” said supporters of the policy.

Eyewitnesses claim that the attackers – young men of a sports Constitution. One of the victims cut eyebrow.

As transfers Radio Shark on his page on Facebook, the incident occurred in front of the entrance to the office center “Terminal 42”, where the SHARK Radio.

It is noted that the policy was scheduled to live.

“A group of people of a sports exterior first blocked Gritsenko entrance, and then attacked the supporters of the policy which accompanied him. A few of them “titushki” beat, in particular, one man split the eyebrow. First aid was rendered by the ambulance that arrived on the scene. At the moment the police are talking to witnesses,” the statement reads.