Rescuers liquidated the fire on the area of 700 sq. m.
Victims and victims / photo press service of the SSES oblasti Odessa, a massive fire occurred at the plant “Micron”.

This reports the press service DSNs area.

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Message about the fire at St. Borowski on the premises entered December 30 at 15:04.

On arrival the first units in 15:14 it was found that there was a fire in a single storey building which belongs to a private owner and used as a warehouse.

Rescuers have localized the fire at 15:59 and 16:44 eliminated it on the area of 700 sq. m. victims and victims no, the cause of the fire is established.

According to the website of the city the fire occurred at the plant “Micron”.

photo by the press service DSNs area