In Odessa, the burning of the market “Northern”

In Odessa, the burning of the market “Northern”

In Odessa, the burning of the market “Northern”. As reported the UNIAN the head of the press service of the Main Directorate gschs in Odessa oblast Andriy Melnik, 18.29 in service “101” received a message stating that the market “North”, located in the Suvorov district of the city, burn trade pavilions.

According to preliminary data, the fire covered an area of 400 sq. m.

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“Fire fighting is currently ongoing,” said Miller.

The elimination of fire involved about 10 fire brigades. The fire is assigned an increased degree of complexity.

Information on victims did not arrive yet.

The market “Northern” is one of the largest in the city. Is universal: for the wholesale, retail, Commission and other manufacturing various categories of products.

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