In Odessa the konvertatsionny center with a turnover of more than 170 million UAH

KIEV. On 2 April. UNN. The staff of tax police GU GFS in Kiev under the procedural management of Prosecutor’s office of Kiev liquidated in Odessa konvertatsionny center through which for 2016-2018 was converted approximately 174 million hryvnia. It is reported by UNN citing the press service of the SFS of Ukraine.

Within investigation of criminal proceedings under part 5 article 27, part 3 of article 212, part 2 of article 205 of the criminal code of Ukraine was established a group of people that has provided the real sector of the economy services on tax evasion through the illegal formation of an artificial tax credit for VAT and inflated costs.

“Implementation of the criminal intent of the defendants have registered/purchased a number of controlled entities, on account of which customers convert transferred funds allegedly acquired goods or received services. In future, these funds were withdrawn in cash and returned to clients with the exception of 11-13%, which served as a reward defendants for providing illegal services. The tax credit of controlled companies were formed from groups of companies — importers who sell imported products for cash. The total amount of funds converted for 2017-2018 with the details of transit and conversion of enterprises, amounted to about 174 million UAH”, — stated in the message of the SFS.

The results of sanctioned searches conducted in offices, cars and at the place of residence of the defendants in the Odessa region, withdrawn from illegal circulation of cash in national and foreign currency in the equivalent of 1 million 33 thousand UAH. seals and stamps of the non-resident enterprises, enterprises of the real economy and fictitious storage, accounting records and draft records confirming criminal activity, computer equipment, etc. Now investigations are continuing.

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