A man with a serious head injury, took an ambulance to the hospital.
In Odessa, the man dropped the facade / photo UNIAN Odessa on the head of the man who was walking down the street, with the height of the second floor fell to the stone, which broke away from the facade of a home emergency.

Eyewitnesses saw a man walking past the house where the utilities carry out repairs of the facade, according to a story TSN.

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When the repairmen noticed that part of the structure collapsed and falling down, cried out to warn, but people to bounce did not. Him with severe head injury, took an ambulance to the hospital.

All filmed by a traffic camera. The footage can be seen: on the site of the emergency repair of the facade, no fencing no tape. The utility of the sidewalk was fenced only after human injury.

“I came to watch he was sitting, the people around him, the waters wash him and he sits on the bench. I walked away for half an hour and in that half-hour it happened. The police were, was swift, says the witness.

We will remind, in July of this year in Zhytomyr partially collapsed dormitory building Novocherkasskogo state agricultural College.