Ten investors suffered losses totaling more than 6 million UAH.
In Odessa, the court arrested the apartments of the luxury complex “Gagarin Plaza” / Photos Unianimously district court of Odessa was arrested is located in a luxury residential complex of 14 apartments that were sold twice by the developers.

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This is stated in the court resolution, adopted last week by judge Vitaly Kutzarova, having reviewed the petition of the Prosecutor of the Odessa local Prosecutor’s office No. 3.

Speech, in particular, about the apartments in the residential complex “Gagarin Plaza”, located in the resort of Arcadia – at the Gagarin plateau. According to the decree, 19 September 2017, the police received a report that officials of private companies “Progress-Rielt”, “Progress-Stroy”, “Dobrostroy LTD”, “OSECU development” and cooperative “Prestige VII” in April 2014, having passed into operation of the said complex, not handed over apartments to the owners (investors), and processed them to third parties.

Thus, investors suffered damage in especially large sizes for total amount more than UAH 6 million. These funds were made as per the contracts signed in 2006-2007.

In particular, the investigation found 14 apartments, for which 10 investors made a donation but have not received the right of ownership of the apartment. This luxury housing of various sizes located on different floors of a house near the beach “Arcadia”.

During a pretrial investigation it is established that victims entered into investment agreements for the appropriate apartment with “Dobrostroy LTD”, “Progress-Stroy”, “Progress-Rielt” and “invest – progress”.

Also, according to the materials of criminal proceedings, it is established that took into operation the above-mentioned house # 5/2, on the Gagarinsky plateau State architectural and construction Inspectorate of Ukraine.

According to the certificate, except for construction contractor “Dobrostroy” LTD, construction contractor indicated LLC “Metronome”.

It is established that when victims entered into investment agreements for the construction of high-rise buildings, the developers were OOO “Progress-Stroy” and LLC “Dobrostroy” LTD, but in the future, in connection with the bankruptcy of “Progress-Stroy” and the only developer was “Dobrostroy”LTD.

“Further, the developer, in accordance with the testimony of the victims, have changed the technical characteristics of multistory buildings including floor area and in particular apartments, which are with the victims had signed investment agreements with those companies,” – said in the decree of the court.

It is noted that the actions of the officials and the signing of investment contracts on virtually the same flat with other individuals, the victims are deprived of the right of ownership of the relevant apartment.

Currently, the investigation is ongoing.

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