Live In Odessa region, the couple had kept in bondage nearly 100 peoplePhotos

Promised a job, a stable salary 450-500 UAH per day accommodation and meals

13.11.18 464000

In Odessa region the police detained 13 members of a criminal group, which held a total of 94 people, forcing them to work for free on farms.

It is reported by the head of national police Sergey Knyazev in Facebook.

“The couple, both 38 years old, a citizen of Georgia and a citizen of Ukraine, organised in Odessa region agricultural enterprise, where several years work for free about a hundred people,” wrote the Prince.

People tricked lured to the work of the special recruiters who found them mainly on the Railways.

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“Looking for vulnerable people, promised a job, a stable salary 450-500 UAH per day, accommodation and meals. The geography of search of the victims – 22 of the oblast and city Kyiv. For each delivered “slave” recruiters got 500 UAH”, – stated in the message.

But in place of the victims took away the papers and phones and were forced to work for free in the box for 13 hours. The rebellious beat.

Recall, a married couple from the County of Hampshire in Britain four years held in slavery illegal worker from Poland. The teacher of the local University and her husband forced the man to do all the work around the house.