The protesters held placards calling for the controversial Syrian developer.
In Odessa protested against the building of the coast tall “pearls”

On April 12 at the Fountain, at the epicenter, there was a peaceful protest against the mass construction of skyscrapers by “Cador” in seaside area of Odessa.

Today at the epicenter took place protest action against the construction in the area by the sea and a large number of high-rise residential buildings without any social infrastructure company “Cador”. The protest was organized by public organization “Nashe Misto Odessa”. The purpose of the action stated by the organizers – once again to draw the attention of the authorities and the public to uncontrolled city development and lack of development of infrastructure, new roads, schools, kindergartens, a sufficient number of Parking spaces for cars, according to the “southern courier”.

The venue was chosen not by chance – because here is a neighborhood high-rise “pearls” without social infrastructure and without the ability to travel from here to other areas of the city.

The protesters held placards calling for the controversial Syrian developer Adnan Nodding, the owner of the company “Cador”: “kamanina – the noose around the neck of the city”, “100 pearls, nothing is going to burst?”, “Destroyed the sanatorium “Russia”, “oilman”, “Fountain”, “Kiwan, where is the infrastructure?” and others. About the campaign the activists had pre-notified the police to prevent any unlawful actions by third parties.

Previously a public organization sent requests to government agencies, with the aim to check the legality of construction projects “Camorra” in Odessa.