In Odessa people were frozen to the roof of the house was saved

Why stay on the roof of the victim has not explained signs of intoxication he had


The patrol police officers Odessa rescued a man who froze her bare feet to the rooftop. About it reports a press-service of the police.

The message that unknown sits on the roof of one of private houses in Suvorov district of Odessa, came to the police at about 22:00 on 6 February.

Arriving on call, the officers saw a man who froze his feet to the metal roof one-story building and couldn’t move. It was his cries for help attracted the attention of neighbors who called the police.

The police went up to the man and helped him to escape. The reason for his stay on the roof of the victim has not explained, with signs of intoxication, he had not.

Police had the victim first pre-medical aid and handed over to the medical officers who were called to the scene.