In Odessa opened the first in Ukraine’s underground theatre

The first performance will be “Iphigenia, the Apotheosis of” based on the tragedy by Euripides


In Odessa, in the Military descent, 18 created the first in Ukraine’s underground theatre. It is reported by the Duma.

One of the most picturesque courtyards of the city. It is not on the tourist routes, but Odessans love to bring friends from other cities to show the area of the “same” disappearing Odessa.

Military descent, 18. The house is a large public figure and memoirist Osip Ciuvica. Outside it is a nondescript two-storey building, but inside color galore: entwined with vines retaining walls, clothes lines stretched across the yard, the smell of fried cutlets and calm cat who seems to be walking on your heels from one of the Odessa yard to another.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the building lurk the huge basement. Their height vaulted ceilings in some places reaches five meters. For two centuries these premises were used in different ways-and as wine cellars and as a warehouse for smuggled goods, and as a place for gatherings of secret societies.

The last decade and until recently basements were abandoned. Here the years of accumulated garbage and sewage flowed. And now with might and main work boils. In the gloomy dungeons breathe new life theatre. The hands of enthusiasts in the basement of Ciuvica create a new theatre space called THEO’s first underground theatre of Ukraine.

“We deliberately looked for such a place – a room with an interesting history and unusual architectural component. And we found it here,” – said project leader Julia young, adding that the idea of such a theatre was born three years ago.

The theater will open 30 Oct. The first performance which will show on the underground stage will be the “Iphigenia, the Apotheosis of” based on the tragedy by Euripides.