The mother jumped in the cold water. Both of them saved random bystanders.

In Odessa, a hurricane blew off the pier in the Black sea with a baby stroller.

About this Facebook said the user Vasily Bocharov, 11 Mar became a witness to the incident on the beach “Arcadia”.

“Arcadia. Beach. I’m sitting looking at the sea. Right at the pier to notice the fuss. There are a few adults. One of the guys takes off his clothes. And removes very quickly. Do you wanted to swim? The water is not warmer than 5 degrees. Jumping into the water from the far side of the pier,” wrote an eyewitness.

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According to him, after about half a minute on the pier lifted the woman, and after a few seconds a young child. Both victims were alive.

Then to the pier from the water emerged a young man.

“People Kuta baby clothes. Soon we leave the beach. The wind was so strong that the stroller with the child blew off the pier. The mother jumped after him. I think that if it had not happened near the guy, we both would have drowned. Saved. Or should I say saved,” – emphasizes the eyewitness.

He also said that the stroller one to get out of the water did not – she remained in the sea.

The eyewitness also posted in Facebook the video, which is “sunken” stroller.